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Different is Good

Welcome to Uplatypus, an app like no other – an innovative, fun welcoming place to find meaningful connections!  You may identify with the disability community and are looking to join together with others - whether it be creating meaningful friendships or something more.  This is a new inclusive space where users can create real, meaningful connections and relationships. We are excited to welcome you aboard!

What makes us different?

We are disability community focused.
We are inclusive & accessible.
We present a bio of our users before a photo.
We provide a parent/friend feature that the user controls.
We facilitate community
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Stop the endless swiping!

The internet has broken dating and socializing for so many people and the superficiality of today’s social app world has turned into a swipe culture. Methods that rely heavily on photos prevent users from looking past superficial traits.

Our platform is different from other apps because we do not present a photo first. We want our users to meet real people and not just see them as a simple photo. And we want everyone to have an opportunity to interact with dynamic people. We recognize that most people yearn to meet and connect with other people and form relationships.

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Our mission is inclusion!

Uplatypus was created by an experienced matchmaker who knows the joy that can come from helping people make connections.  She recognized the importance of trying to reduce the isolation and loneliness people often experience, and how much of a difference this could make in their lives.  The recent pandemic has shown us all the importance of human connections and how critical it is to our well-being. Everyone deserves to be loved!


In developing this platform, we consulted with many professionals and community members, knowing that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to providing support for people with challenges.


Unfortunately, we know that this app is not appropriate for everyone. All users must be 18 years of age and be able to legally consent to our terms and conditions. Please carefully review the Uplatypus terms and conditions.

Game changer: The user is in control of granting limited access to a designated friend or parent ​

One of the unique and innovative features of Uplatypus, is the user’s ability, should they choose, to grant limited access to a parent or advocate, allowing them to advise and seek counsel from people who know them best. Socializing today is complex for everybody and people struggle to break barriers when meeting new people. Having extra support tools can help enable people to progress in the social atmosphere of this new app. uplatypus is creating a community of parents and advocates who can communicate together and help each other and the users they support.

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